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Oh So Gelato Bear Sorbet Cone Artisan Cart

Italian Engineered

with quality & design in mind

Oh So Gelato provides a unique, award-winning, dessert experience.

Every detail is personalized to reflect your story in a way that no other dessert option can.


The combination of world-class products and service creates the

most memorable and festive occasions.


The gelato cart fleet has grown since 2017, when Oh So Gelato opened for business.

Currently 3 carts are available to fit every vision, vibe, whim, and budget:

Rocco is the top-of-the-line, authentic, imported Italian gelato trike; in every way, it exudes quality.

Doris Daisy is a little bright spot, sporting a vibrant yellow, black, and white color palate.

Lina Pushcart Lamont is adorable, versatile, and is easily styled to compliment your celebration.

Each Oh So Gelato Cart is photo-worthy & becomes a delightful focal point at every event.

if it ain't broke, don't fix it

We are barely able to contain our excitement to share with you and your guests

traditionally made Italian gelato, custom-crafted within hours of it being served.

It's all made the Italian way, from locally sourced & the finest imported ingredients!

Oh So Gelato is the perfect, unexpected experience for weddings, corporate events, and private parties in the unequalled beauty of the Lowcountry of SC!

Italian Gelato Cart Oh So Gelato Sorbet Weddings
  Ice Cream's Exotic European Cousin 

Premium Artisan Gelato

Is it 

ice cream?



It's better!

Gelato is healthier

Gelato is lighter & less filling

Gelato has more intense flavor

Gelato flavors range from sweet to savory


Gelato is naturally gluten free

Gelato has one third the calories

Gelato contains less than half the fat

Oh So Gelato is made fresh on site daily

BONUS: Our Sorbet is a dairy free alternative to gelato

         Is In Our Community       

Our mom & pop gelato shop is the cutest thing on 3 wheels! Look for Oh So Gelato nestled in at the most exciting and festive events in the Lowcountry.

"Buon giorno, y'all!". Let's share a laugh, a smile,

& some seriously good gelato.

There is always plenty of that to go around!

Oh So Gelato Custom Italian CartArtisan

  Money can't buy happiness,

but it can buy gelato.

Some days,    

that's kind of the same thing.

Our Place
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