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An Undeniably Cool Tradition

  • Compared to American-style ice cream, gelato has less fat in the base. American ice cream is made with heavy cream, and has a fat content of at least 10% and can be considerably higher in premium versions. Gelato uses mainly milk and very little cream. As a result, gelato typically has half the fat resulting in much healthier dessert which is less filling.  Sorbetto typically contains no fat, only delicious, fresh, healthy ingredients.

  • American ice cream is churned quickly to whip in a large amount of air, called overrun. Gelato production equipment slow churns during the cooking and freezing process, which incorporates a minimal amount of air. Most premium ice creams have an overrun of around 25% but store-sold commercial versions can run from 50% to over 90%.  This gives them a thin, fast-melting texture with less flavor and “mouthfeel” – the evaluation of a product's physical and chemical interaction with the taste buds when consumed. This difference gives gelato a dense, milky texture that's less heavy than American ice cream.

  • Lower fat content of gelato compared to American ice cream is one factor that helps reduce the calorie content. The other factor is the use of more natural flavors, sugars from fruits, and other natural ingredients. Fewer calories in gelato allows you to enjoy the frozen dessert without leaving you feeling heavy and overly full.

  • Serving temperature is another major difference between American ice cream and gelato, and has a great effect on flavor intensity. Gelato is best served at about 15ºF. Because there is less fat and air, a colder temperature is not required to keep the product from coming apart. The optimal ice cream temperature (about 5ºF) results in a much harder product that is so cold it reduces the mouth’s ability to taste by shutting down the taste buds. However, if ice cream is served at a higher temperature, it melts and becomes watery because of the high fat in water emulsion.  The slightly higher temperature of gelato means that it can be served with a much smoother and softer texture which enhances the tasting experience along with the flavor profile. Gelato has a more intense flavor than ice cream since it has less cold fat to coats the tongue and interfere with the mouth’s ability to experience both bold and subtle flavors

  • American ice cream is typically industrial made, warehoused, and shipped to retailers: grocery stores, restaurants, and ice cream shops.  The shelf life for pre-made ice cream is months.  By comparison, our gelato is made in house daily, in small batches to insure freshness.  Product offerings are most often based on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.  Our gelato production model allows for creativity and responding to the tastes of the local customer.  Flavors are created in the Laboratory and produced for consumption, ideally, by the close of the business day.


  • Fact: Oh So Gelato's world-class products and services are sure to help your event be a hit! We freshly create, with love and expertise, the best Gelato in the Lowcountry. Your event, made even more memorable by Oh So Gelato, is guaranteed to keep your guest talking! Contact us for a custom menu, even including vegan and gluten-free options!

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