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Fresh is the only way!

Oh So Gelato demands the freshest seasonal ingredients available locally,

and pairs them the with highest quality imported ingredients; many are sourced from Italy.

The marriage yields beautiful, artisanal gelato & sorbet.

Our goal is that your only challenge is to decide which flavor you like best.

The list below is a sample of available flavors. Don't feel limited by it.

Oh So Gelato will create any custom flavor you desire. It's an extra dash of fun to name your custom menu flavors for places, people, pets, or experiences that are important to you and help tell your story.

Salted Caramel Pecan

Lemon Meringue

Sweet Cream

Stracciatella = Italian Chocolate Chip

Salted Chocolate


Chocolate Hazelnut

Limoncello Sorbet

Toasted Marshmallow


Key Lime Pie

Bailey's Irish Cream

Pumpkin Spice

Vanilla Bean

Triple Chocolate

Chocolate Covered Raspberry Mascarpone Cheesecake



Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

Cookies & Cream

Fresh Mint

Fresh Mint Cookie


Coconut Custard


Almond Joyful


Passion Fruit Lemonade Sorbet

Mocha Latte

Passion Fruit

Olive Oil


Lemon Thyme Sorbet

Lavender and Honey

Lavender and Vanilla



Black Rice and Coconut Milk

Silver Sesame

Pumpkin Pecan Soufflé

Pina Colada

Bacio – dark chocolate with pink Himalayan sea salt, brown sugar, fresh hazelnut cream ribbon

Vegan Pina Colada

Vegan Coconut

Vegan Almond Joyful

Vegan Wedding Cake

Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut

Vegan Green Apple Sorbet

Vegan Limoncello Sorbet

Vegan Cherry Sorbet




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